Our Approach

All our 12-inch and kid's pizza crusts are handmade, on-site.

Our Pizzas

  • Genoa Pesto
  • Meat Lover’s
  • Hawaiian
  • Signature Spicy Pesto
  • Mirage
  • Bruschetta Pizza
  • Vegetarian

Create Your Own Gourmet Pizza

Start off with a 12'' basic pizza you can make your own  gourmet pizza with our wide selection of toppings

Fresh Toppings

Pepperoni     Mushrooms     Black olives     Green olives     Fresh Green peppers     Fresh Red peppers     Hot peppers     Tomatoes

Premium Toppings

Extra cheese Feta cheese      Goat cheese     Spicy pesto-cream      Bocconcini cheese      Cheddar cheese      Eggplant      Zucchini      Roasted red peppers      Roasted green      peppers      Pineapple      Red onion     Sundried tomatoes      Ham      Grilled chicken      Smoked bacon      Chipotle sauce      Pesto sauce

Note: Items may appear slightly different than shown