Perfect Couple

One side of the plate features a single scoop of small-batch vanilla ice cream covered in fresh strawberries and strawberry purée. The other boasts a scoop of rich chocolate ice cream and sliced fresh bananas dripping with silky chocolate syrup. Real whipped cream provides the perfect finish.

California Sunset French vanilla ice cream atop our moist Harvest Munch square garnished with fresh strawberries, strawberry purée and luscious whipped cream. Served on waffle 15.0 Served on crêpe 14.5

Fruit Explosion Fresh fruits join vanilla ice cream, strawberry purée and whipped cream. Served on waffle 15.0 Served on crêpe 14.5

Brownie Chill Fresh-baked chocolate brownies stacked to the rafters with small batch chocolate ice cream, fudge syrup, fresh bananas and whipped cream. Served on waffle 15.0 Served on crêpe 14.5

Blueberry Apple Orchards 15.5 An old-fashioned apple crumble loaded with butterscotch ice-cream, fresh blueberries, caramel sauce and whipped cream. Served on your choice of waffle or crêpe.

Chocoberry Delight 15.5 A waffle or crêpe crowned with chocolate and strawberry ice cream, fresh strawberries, chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Wild Crêpe 12.5 Liqueur-infused crêpe batter griddled to golden perfection, piled with seasonal fruit, ice cream and whipped cream. Wild crêpe flavours: Baileys, Kahlua, Amaretto, Grand Marnier, Cherry Brandy, Crême de Cacao.  

WAFFLE CUPS Summer Fields 10.0 Our signature waffle cup filled with fresh fruits, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, smothered in strawberry purée and whipped cream.


Mirage Parfait 7.5 Delectable layers of rich fudge syrup, French vanilla ice cream, strawberry purée and rich whipped cream. Add a shot of Grand Marnier 4.0

Banana Split 9.5 An ice cream parlour classic. Three scoops of ice cream, between two halves of ripe banana, covered in strawberry purée, caramel or chocolate syrup.

Mirage Sundaes 8.5 Your choice of rich, creamy ice cream, double scooped and served with whipped cream and strawberry purée, caramel or chocolate syrup.

Brownie Overload 10.0 Fresh baked brownie chunks over Venetian chocolate or French vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and your choice of strawberry puree, caramel, or chocolate syrup.

ChocoMissu 10.0 Our signature Tiramisu cake, covered in milk chocolate ice cream and loaded with whipped cream and chocolate fudge syrup. Add our to any dessert 3.95 (should be 4.0?) *Some products may contain nuts. Please inform your server of any allergies.


Fudge Brownie Cheesecake 8.0 New York style cheesecake draped in thick chocolate fudge and mounds of fudge brownies with a cocoa-graham crust.

Mocha Crunch 8.0 Three stacks of feather-light almond meringue enclose layers of creamy chocolate fudge and mocha mousse, adorned with enchanting swirls of fudge and natural almonds. New York Style Cheesecake 8.0 A rich and creamy New York Style cheesecake with a moist graham crust. Served plain or drizzled with your choice of strawberry, blueberry, caramel, or chocolate fudge sauce. Add fresh fruit 0.5 (1.5)

Supercrema di Gianduja 9.0 New York style cheesecake coated with Nutella spread, dressed with fresh bananas and thick chocolate fudge.

Daily Pies Ask your server for today’s fresh-baked selection.

Special Cakes We feature daily and weekly cake specials. Please ask your server for details, or visit our showcase.

DESSERT SQUARES Your choice of our exquisitely prepared squares. Served warm.

Triple Chocolate Brownie Fresh-baked with white, dark, and milk chocolate, then drizzled with delectable caramel.

Date Square A pure date filling nestled between an old-fashioned crumble top and a flaky pastry crust.

Harvest Munch This fiber-rich treat features dried cranberries, apples, raisins and spices with a crumbled oat crust. Additional selections are available, please ask your server.

FRESH FRUIT Summer-fresh fruits, topped with real whipped cream. Fruit Cup Fruit Platter

Note: Items may appear slightly different than shown